Quick post, cuz I have some things I want to do before I go to bed. I was at WonderCon this weekend! It was pretty awesome, and perhaps I’ll write a little report on it later. But it’s also why you’re only getting some random sketchbook pages today. :p

Coming up with symbols is like pulling teeth for me, but alas, it’s an integral part of the world.

Prepping for a new character. Just trying to get a feel for her. A friend pointed out that I might be channeling Sailorpluto…. she may be right. Me and Sailorpluto have history.

Also part of the process is pondering upcoming scenes – action, staging, all that jazz.

I was looking for some other images and stumbled upon this old geezer in one of my folders. He’s from an old incarnation of M.F.K., but more or less has been written out of the story… I think? Eh, we’ll see where things go. As you can probably guess, he was a bit of a creepy weirdo. Hmmm, funny enough, he might have unintentionally inspired Gramps’s look a bit.

Let’s hope none of us ever discovers what’s under that tunic.