Look now Jaime’s got his own creepy grinning furball to deal with.

So that took longer than expected. I was working on this page for the last two weeks! *lies facedown* I’ll be honest, I’m a lot busier these days. Once upon a time M.F.K. was my only baby, and now I’ve got a few other little babies running around. I think my output on pages has slowed down too. I’m taking longer on them because I know more than I did when I started this comic. I’ve sped up in some ways, but I’m also taking more time to clean up every page.

So bottom line, I’m still shooting for weekly updates, but sadly I’ve become a little unpredictable.

As always, I appreciate you guys hanging in with me. I’m doing the best I can. :’) There are new characters on the horizon and I’m excited for you to meet them.