Oh, ComicPress. I updated you like you asked, and you immediately took that opportunity to sabotage my website. Well no, not really. Apparently I neglected to change some code that needs changing whenever I update ComicPress. Now I know, the website is back, all is well and I think I’ll leave backend updates to Friday nights, so at least if something goes wrong I’ll have the weekend to figure it out.

Should the website go down again, it’s a good idea to keep up with me through social media so that I can update you on what’s going on. MFK has a Facebook page, and I’m also on Twitter and Tumblr (the links are also at the top of the sidebar).

Now, back to business!

This page is just a liiiittle more saturated than I generally aim for. I was experimenting a bit.

Now for some housekeeping things not related to unexpected downtime. First, I finally updated the archive, haha.

I also added a new TWC incentive! It’s a preview of some characters who will be showing up in future chapters… well, their older incarnations, anyway. I did this art back in like 2002. They haven’t changed too much though, so chances are you’ll know them when they show up!

Now, if you’ll look to your right, you’ll notice something new. That’s right, I’ve joined Amazon’s Affiliates program. It’s about time this comic start pulling its own weight in this relationship, even just a little bit. I’m playing around with a few different options, so things might come and go until I decide what’s working best.

As for the Amazon bar, the way it works is this: buy things by clicking through those links, and I get a percentage of the sales. And it applies to the entire order, so if you select one item, then decide to add a few more things to your shopping cart while you’re at it, then Amazon credits a small portion of the entire sale back to me. I hand-pick the stuff that shows up over there – it’s all things I’ve bought or plan on buying that you guys might be interested in too. It’s no pressure of course, but it’d be nice if you gave it a glance from time to time.

A store and some convention visits are also in the works, but those will be coming a bit later. I’ll keep you posted!