Age: 14
From: ???
Humor: Melancholic
Status: Parapsi, unregistered
School: ???

Abbie and her mother were the remnants of what was one of the most powerful cities in Rojardín. Now her mom’s gone too and alone Abbie must take her ashes back to their homeland, which is a little bit cursed. She’s also a parapsi, and wandering around without a license is a little big illegal. Sadly, with creepy orange eyes and the power to fling boulders around, Abbie is anything but subtle.

Age: 15
From: Little Marigold
Humor: Choleric
Status: Misma, unregistered

Jaime’s parents unloaded him onto his grandfather and aunt so they could go be ascetics in the wilderness. Yeah, it’s weird. Still, if you’ve got to be dumped on unsuspecting relatives, you could do worse than Iman and Nifrain. Jaime hasn’t experienced much past the sand dunes that surround Little Marigold. But he’s been reading up on the outside world. He knows there’s something out there waiting for him, some great task, and he’s got to be prepared.

Age: 68
From: Little Marigold
Humor: Phlegmatic
Status: Misma, registered

The new era has brought a lot of change, more than Iman ever thought he’d see in his lifetime. He’s seen kings and queens born and die, wars come and go, cities rise and fall. He’s even seen a god come back from the dead, and who can boast that? He knows Little Marigold is dying. The days of the great glass city Gladiolus are over. And yet, he stays, because if there’s anything Iman’s learned, it’s that sooner or later change will come.

Age: 36
From: Little Marigold
Humor: Phlegmatic
Status: Misma, registered

Nifrain’s parents always joked that she’d have to take care of them in their old age, you know, since her older sister Ferah spent all her time gallivanting around Rojardín. As it turned out, Nifrain became a doctor and now takes care of everyone, even Ferah’s only child. She’s done her best to teach Jaime what she can to prepare him for the day he leaves Little Marigold; after all, he is her sister’s son.

Age: 27
From: Rock Cress
Humor: Sanguine
Status: Parapsi, unregistered
School: Vitalism

A rogue parapsi from the South. He’ll rob anyone who is better off than he is—typically non-parapsi because they’re weaker. Lack of formal parapsi education means that while he’s strong, he’s low in endurance and know-how. His Skull Cleaver has a time limit, and grows shorter as aero is used up.