Ahhhh sorry everyone. I kinda dug myself into a hole and I’m slowly trying to crawl back out. Deadlines, events and whatnot. One minute you’re thinking oh yeah, I’m so on top of things, I’ve got it all under control, and the next thing you know three weeks have passed and you’re banging your head against a wall. I’m going to come back to M.F.K. as quickly as possible, but right now there are a few commitments that take priority. And if all goes well, I’ll actually be able to share some of them in the coming weeks.

The day job’s been pretty busy as well! Check out this spot my studio did for Wreck-it Ralph. I storyboarded it and also designed the little 8-bit graphics at the beginning.

Argh, I keep forgetting to mention that I had to cancel AnimeiCon as well. :[ An unexpected car repair came up and I really couldn’t swing both. If any of you go, let me know how you like it, I’m very curious about it! I hope to try again next year.