I… completely forgot that today’s Thursday. Thanks to my roommate for setting me straight.

Just one inked page for tonight… which is probably fitting, since the next update will be business as usual. Like the “penciling” stage, inking is done digitally in Photoshop. Ironically, I use a brush that simulates pencil strokes for MFK’s inks. I prefer the softer, textured look to solid hard brush.

I take it into Manga Studio next for panel borders and lettering, if there is any. This particular page has none, so it’s all about laying out the panels the way I want them.

Then it’s back to Photoshop. Move the art around a bit, and we’re ready to start coloring.

There are some lines intersecting. I draw and paint everything on layers for ease and my own sanity.

:) Thanks for hanging in there everyone! See you next week.