This week’s update is kinda big. :D Because I love you! Who wants to see some upcoming characters?!

…Nobody? Really?

Oh… okay… *walks away sadly*

HAHA JUST KIDDING. It’s my website so I’m gonna post them whether you like it or not.

This here’s Rolf, and he’s the first bit of trouble that Abbie runs into. Rolf’s less of a villain and more of an antagonist. Unfortunately for Abbie, there are quite a few antagonists she’ll have to deal with before all’s said and done.

He’s got a bit of a challenging face, not gonna lie.

Anyhoo, the particular region where Jaime and his grandfather live is pretty poor, and such areas are prone to attacks from thieving rogues. Rolf and his posse wander from town to town taking money, food, and whatever they want. They don’t even have to be sneaky about it; the citizens can’t do much to stop them.

…What’s going on in these drawings? That bottom left one… is he dying? That’s awesome, cuz I’m pretty sure he doesn’t die in the story. And that one on the right… um, uhh… well clearly he’s doing push-ups! Yeah, that’s it…

Nat is one of Rolf’s accomplices. Unlike Rolf, she doesn’t have any fancy powers. So she just carries a bunch of dangerous explosives and sharp projectiles.

I really had to dig around for these next ones. A lot of my comic attempts from olden days have sadly been lost through hard drive crashes and new computer purchases, but luckily I’ve gotten better at backing things up over the years.

This is what MFK would’ve looked like if I’d started it seven years ago.

This was gonna be chapter one, page one. In the original first chapter, Rolf and his gang make their appearance right away. Rolf had the power to… melt things. Like, everything. Metal? Totally. Wood? Sure, wood can melt. Fabric? Uhh… yeah, of course. And what about things that are already in liquid form, Rolf? Can you melt MILK?

After a while I decided maybe I should reconsider his powers a bit. So you’ll see later on that he has a few other tricks up his sleeve.

Oh man, these pages are kinda bad. Why am I even showing this? Though to be fair, I can’t promise the pages I’m working on right now will be any better. But, as you can see, Rolf and his friends are real prats (he totally slapped that girl in the face btw).

Back in 2005 was when I started thinking about doing the comic in color. So I started this one panel as an experiment. And, in grand ol’ Nilah fashion, never actually finished it. But Rolf’s look has more or less stayed the same over the years.

And right when Rolf really starts to have fun, in comes Abbie. But it’s okay – Abbie doesn’t really care! Their interaction is a little different now, but their personalities haven’t changed much over the years, either.

And there you have it! For the next update I’ll try to show you some upcoming pages. :)