What a loser.

It’s now 11:30 and the comic updates in half an hour! Let’s see what I can cram into this blog post by then.

While we’re waiting to get back to the story, I’m gonna gab a bit about the first major character appearance, Jaime. I had my first inklings of MFK back in 2001 or 2002, and I honestly can’t remember what spawned it. I know I was really getting into shounen manga around then, and I thought it’d be nifty to take a crack at it myself. Jaime was one of the first characters developed. MFK’s gone through a ton of rewrites since then, but the one thing that’s always stayed consistent is that he’s one of the first characters introduced, and the first member of the main party.

However, I never spent too much time on him, design-wise. I came up with a look that I thought worked–purple hair in a ponytail, hah–and stuck with it. As such, I never did much art of him. If I did draw him, it was in a group shot, and he was clearly The Sidekick.

He was the obnoxious Naruto-like member of the group. I described him as “a legend in his own mind.” He was manic, hotheaded, and a little bit dumb, but he was an able sword fighter (the only reason Abbie kept him around). In fact, the original bio for him went a little like this:

JAIME (pronounced “high-may”)
Age: 15
Style: Close range
Technique: Using a katana or short sword, he relies on quick, constant movements to outmaneuver his opponent.
Strengths: Very fast and unpredictable; can read and react to his opponent’s moves quickly.
Weaknesses: Doesn’t always think before he acts, easily distracted, arrogant.
Details: Abbie’s first companion, high-strung, decisive, fearless.

I took a break from the story in college, coming back sporadically to work out some notes or refine character designs a bit. But after I graduated – just a year ago, I realized I finally had time to really pick up MFK again. A lot of the new development happened over the last six months or so. I’d been through art school since I first conceived MFK, and decided to take another crack at all the characters with my new skills.

I spent some time on each, updating their appearance, costumes, and backstories. When I got to Jaime, I decided I could do more with him. His backstory, personality, abilities, even his clothing got an update. But I kept the hair. What can I say? It suits him.

Uhh… whatever this is, I clearly had too much time on my hands.

So now you’ve met the sidekick! As a final treat, here’s some concept art of our fearless leader…

See you all next week!