Sorry gang, this isn’t chapter five. This is an update, because I owe you all one.

M.F.K. has been gone much longer than I anticipated, and the short explanation for why is: deadlines. I’ve got a lot of work on my plate and not very much time to do it. So, M.F.K. is in the queue waiting its turn.

Yes, I feel really bad about it.

No, I can’t say when chapter five will land. But it is coming. M.F.K. The Webcomic is not over.

M.F.K. The Graphic Novel is coming out pretty soon: September 26, to be exact. You can find details on where to buy it here. The book comprises chapters 1-3 of the webcomic. About a month from now – August 26, to be exact – chapters 1-3 will be leaving the website. So, if you’ve been meaning to re-read, or you’ve been meaning to start reading, now’s a good time. After August 26, you can purchase the graphic novel physically or digitally.

I’ve been very fortunate to have a lot of opportunities to work on comics, cartoons, and children’s books over the last few years. It’s a wealth of work, and I’m not always great at juggling it all! Thanks for bearing with me while I try to find balance.